18 Milestones Crossed in 2018 by Chef Priyanka

As 2018 comes to a close – well, considering it’s the last day and I’m a bit of a procrastinator we can safely say it’s pretty much complete – I wanted to take a moment to recap on all of the food things! A lot of things happened this year, in the Chef Pri world that is! And unlike years before, I wanted to take the time to reflect on all of the milestones I’ve crossed. As in the piece I wrote back in June for my birthday, I think its OK to brag a little about things we’ve worked hard at to accomplish. And I also want to reiterate that I am doing this pretty much by myself – of course it goes without saying that I have a tremendous amount of support from loved ones, but I create all my recipes, content, write-ups, pitch material, event planning, etc – alone. I do not have an instagram boyfriend or husband, I do not have an agent, a publicist, or even an assistant. However, given the busy year I had, I may want to change that in 2019 🙂

Below are 18 Milestones I’ve crossed in 2018 – considering the year I had, it puts quite a bit of pressure on 2019! These are listed in chronological order. Wish me luck as I venture into 2019!

1. Created a my first Brand Logo with Creative Director Lawrence Schau

2. Directed & Produced my own Chef Priyanka Sizzle Reel with filmmaker Tim O’Hanlon

3. Appeared for the first time in Boston University’s Bostonia in print

4. Did my first podcast with Kitchen Chronicles

5. Partnered with another Food Network Winning Chef to cater my first high-end private events

6. Traveled to my #1 bucket list destination – Japan – knowing that food would be a problem

7. First Twitter employee to be a guest chef at the NYC HQ serving ~500 people

8. Did my first food event outside of NYC in SF – 3rd Twitter employee to guest chef, serving ~3000 people

9. Modeled in one of the top 5 mens magazines in the world – GQ

10. Signed with my first literary agent to work on my first cookbook

11. Featured in Boston University’s arts&sciences magazine

12. Was Boston University’s Young Alumni Spotlight for Fall 2018

13. Spoke at my first conference on behalf of Chef Priyanka at TECHMunch NYC

14. Worked my first 1000+ person event at FoodLovesTech with Farm.One

15. Collaborated & mass produced a signature cocktail for the first time at my first Jewelry & Fashion Trunk Show

New York, NY – December 18, 2018: The Aaryah Jewelry Trunk Show at Kilona in the West Village featuring the Saffron Cardamon Spritzer cocktail by Chef Priyanka Naik.
Photos by Clay Williams.
© Clay Williams –

16. Did my first Instagram LIVE TV segment with the feedfeed

17. Created, cooked, & blogged 30 original recipes in 2018

18. Designed my first test merchandise (looking to sell in 2019!)

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