Ew, what’s that smell??

Produce, dairy, leftover food, snacks, condiments, etc- your fridge holds a lot. And with a busy weekday schedule, one doesn’t have time to reorganize and clean their fridge. This can lead to a very unpleasant odor. How do we manage this odor? Once again, BAKING SODA! If you keep a small pack of baking soda (I use Arm and Hammer) on one of your shelves in the fridge, the soda will help neutralize stinky smells, and keep fridge air fresh! So now when you open the fridge in the morning to get some milk, you won’t be attacked by an offensive odor! Give it a shot!

This tip is especially helpful for people living in apartment with roommates/friends, because you don’t necessarily know who keeps what in the fridge, or better, what’s exactly stinkin’ up that fridge!

I use Arm & Hammer Brand

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