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Food Network’s Cooks vs Cons WINNER!

‘Nacho Average Cook’- said the girl with red glasses making a sandwich that’s about to “blow your mind.” I find it really weird to refer to myself in third person, so I’ll stop while I’m at it. But YES. I competed in Food Network’s Cooks vs Cons Season 5, Episode 12 and WON! It was such an amazing experience. This was my first time on a reality show and that too, on FOOD NETWORK! It’s been my life-long dream to have my own show on Food Network, and I think I’m one step closer! What makes me even happier is that I beat the amazing competition with vegetarian food! I will take you through the whole experience.

Walking into Food Network studios was amazing, then having Katie Lee and Aarti Sequeira eat my food and call is “amazing” and “inspirational” was mind-blowing, and then WINNING Cooks vs. Cons against two professional and one amateur chefs was absolutely surreal. My competition was fierce and super talented, so it was anyones game.

ROUND 1: Breakfast Hash using all sorts of Peppermint Ingredients

Chef Priyanka DISH: Indian Breakfast Hash with Peanuts, Cumin, Mint Chutney


There were some interesting peppermint ingredients we had to work with – fresh peppermint, peppermint chocolate patties, peppermint jelly, and disgusting peppermint liquor. My sentiments on the liquor below…


I was super happy with my dish, but was worried about the presentation, so was hoping the taste would save my butt. I legit thought it was #BYE.

hashtag bye

But I was wrong, Katie and Aarti loved it and I won the first round!

ROUND 2: Make Anything using Nacho Cheese Ingredients

Chef Priyanka DISH: Nacho Cheese Pav Bhaji with Arugula, Kale, Nacho Cheese

Now, I’m a girl who loves some ghetto food, i.e., movie theater nacho cheese, chips, Taco Bell – you name it, I love it. The only problem with processed cheese is that its processed, salty, and hard to incorporate into a dish without retaining that taste and texture. Alas, comes the Nacho Cheese Pav Bhaji. The butternut squash is great with the cheese and worked perfectly. I wanted to blow their minds with this sandwich


And indeed my sandwich was mind blowing enough, cause I won!!!

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I still cannot believe it and am ecstatic! Katie and Aarti loved my food and that was possibly the best thing to hear. From here, I have only received love & support from the community and was even featured on the Staten Island Advance homepage with a lovely article written by Rob Bailey!

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And even on the SI Advance Facebook page!

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I’m also a STAR on IMDb.. HA, that one’s a joke but it’s still really funny … umm should say Star: NACHO GIRL

IMDb Pic

I’m so excited to continue cooking and living out my passion. And couldn’t have asked for more supportive friends, family, and place of work!! Please continue following @chefpriyanka on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all my updates and announcements!!

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