Idli & Vada From Scratch (What I had for Dinner)

Thank you Mommy Naik for the wonderful dinner last night! Bet you guys didn’t eat these for dinner: Fresh Steamed- Fluffy Idlis & Crispy, Spicy Golden Brown Vadas accompanied with hot Sambar & Coriander, Chili, Coconut Chutney… even if you don’t LIKE idlis, I’m pretty sure you’re tempted to eat them now! Check out my dinner from last night:

And the Vadas Alone…





Now the Star of the Show- Fluffy White Idlis.. yummy..

If you say you still don’t like Idlis and Vadas after look at my dinner, then I’m gonna say you’re MISSING OUT!! :) Recipe to come soon! Oh, did I mention this meal is Vegan?! AMAZING

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